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Re: Moorings

Postby trev » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:44 pm

So many potential problems. I will have to use Plan B - Pay a professional to install the mooring, make sure the boat is insured to live on a mooring and if any of the possible disasters occurs, including 3rd party claims - let the insurers worry about it. Its all far too complicated for me to worry about, seem to be an infinite variety of potential disasters. Life is too short.

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Re: Moorings

Postby claymore » Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:24 am

aquaplane wrote:
claymore wrote:Personally, I think it is advisable to use an approved contractor. The cost isn't prohibitive and the peace of mind is more valuable. Moorings are heavy and can be tricky especially in a tideway. A colleague of mine almost perished checking a mooring and he was a cautious knowledgeable man - the risks really do outweigh other considerations.
When a mooring association tells you who to use, perhaps it should be interpreted as advice and as such, well intentioned - not draconian.
If my boat were to be damaged by another whose mooring had parted, had they had that mooring serviced professionally, I think I would take a more kindly stance than if some have a go merchant had made a hash of things.

I agree with all you say, I am happy to use North West Marine, I don't have the skills to do other wise.

But if I was a diver with all the gear and a good idea, I would at least want to do inspections even if I had to get NWM in to do the work replacing worn gear.

I agree about the suitability of a place with no existing moorings too, there is probably a good reason.
There are quite a few off Fort William Yacht Club though, we spent a night on one some years ago.

Did you walk out to it?

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