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Going round the top

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:28 pm
by jim.r
Any Advice on going fae the Broch tae Stornoway, jist on the aff chance I'm daft enough tae try ;-)

Definitely anti clockwise this time!

I'm musing about a summer trip Ipswich -> Stornoway -> Belfast ->(via Irish Sea)-> Falmouth -> Ipswich without too many stops in between as I'm still having to earn a crust!

Re: Going round the top

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:02 pm
by BlowingOldBoots
I have sailed this way 5 times, 2 going east and 2 going west. Both times west and once east I headed to Orkney, waited for the tide, and then took the next leg, easy journey, no big deal. Both times heading West I went striaght round and kept going and both were lumpy. Pick your weather window as it can get quite lumpy going all the way around but make sure your boat is seaworthy for a good roll, especially if the wind drops after a blow. I would always be inclined now to head up to the Orkney Islands, wait for the tide, through the Pentland Firth and then head West. However, if I was up at the Pentland Firth turning point, wind, weather and tides were about to go in my favour, then I would miss out Orkney and keep going. It's not a bad sail either way, the miles fair fly by if you have the crew and stamina.