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Escape from Ardrishaig

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:17 pm
by ash
Sitting in Tarbert. Thought that we might have to extend our canal licence by a day because of the poor forecast. Aquaplane and Lady S came past in the car, just to say 'Hi'. Someone, Lady S ? , suggested that Aquaplane and I sail Mistral down Loch Fyne whilst the girls have a leisurely lunch and drive round to Tarbert.

One reef in the main, 2 might have been better, and a few rolls in the Genny and we could almost make our course to my Tarbert waypoint ( we motorsailed the last mile)

The sun shone most of the time and we had a great sail, splashed the windows once and washed the gunnels a couple of times.

A longish day back to Kip tomorrow, tidy up and home on Monday, and we'll be ready for the ferry out of Troon on Tuesday evening.


Thought - should I be looking at tides for Tuesday night? Or can I leave it to the ferry captain?