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Crinan Canal

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:23 pm
by ash
"Oh the Crinan Canal's for me,
I don't like the wide open sea,
those great rolling breakers would gie me the shakers,
the Crinan Canal's for me ..

Just finished our ribeye steaks, on board, while moored just east of the Crinan ( swing ) Bridge.

Managed locks 15 and 14 whilst 2 handed this afternoon.

Crew for our own 'personalised assisted passage' should arrive from Tayvallich tomorrow morning.

Planning a leisurely transit, emerging just before the WHYW boats catch up with us.

Walked back to Crinan and watched some hefty boats come through the sea lock just before it closed. I think that I'll let them get ahead of us tomorrow - we might be squashed if we share a lock.