Dunstaffnage Marina's reply to comments made on this forum

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Dunstaffnage Marina's reply to comments made on this forum

Postby Nick » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:06 pm

(I promised Neil Maclaughlin the right of reply to what he saw as unreasonable criticism of Dunstaffnage Marina on this forum last month. This is his reply. He says he does not want to get into an internet discussion, preferring it if anyone with a complaint goes to see him face to face. I have therefore locked this topic, which will remain up for a week)

I have printed off the defamatory comments that appeared on the Bluemoment Website, some of which are possibly designed to cause financial damage to Dunstaffnage Marina. I find that it is disappointing that in a small highland community where traditionally people work together, that some people feel that these sorts of anonymous remarks require to be made on the internet.

The comments about insurance are simply unfounded. Perhaps everyone has noticed car, house, energy and food costs have risen this year? So it is not surprising that boat insurance may have also – remembering of course the tsunami in Japan and recent disasters around the world which is a major factor contributing factor!

The marina has spent £300,000 on a recent major refurbishment. Please come along and I will show the complainers the invoices – they can hide behind a screen in order not to have to disclose their identity if they wish.

Dunstaffnage Marina has a team of loyal employees who want to do well for the business and their families. Those that have left the business have gone for their own personal reasons and generally all of the staff remaining at the business would wish them well in their new careers. Negative comments of the type posted endanger people’s jobs – but then perhaps that was already known. Despite the negative remarks the marina this last week has taken on three new staff members, two of whom return as ex-employees from a few years ago and this is despite a difficult economic trend worldwide.

If you have comments – come and speak to me face to face please.


Managing Director
Dunstaffnage Marina

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