One of those trips...

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One of those trips...

Postby wully » Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:29 pm

Went out to the boat to prep her for the arrival of the Boss who was to be conveyed to Oban on boatie to collect her 79 year old Maw aff the bus. Dropped the newly repaired outboard motor over the side. Twice :oops:
Damp OBM was clamped to the rail and dried out en route to the big mega-trop-a-lips of Oban where a mooring was provided by those nice folks at Cardingmil Bay. Captain and crew repaired ashore to enjoy a very fine ,healthily delicious meal at the wee veggie Japanese restaurant just up the hill from the hunting/ fishing shop. BYOB .
In the morning Maw-in-law was collected aff the bus and conveyed on board via a lubricated lunch on the north pier.
Boatie set sail for the peace, tranquility and proximity to a booze boutique , that west coast gem, Puildoubhrain- with two 'L's.
Hook was dropped well upwind of the two wee boaties already there and fine entertainment to accompany our Kir Royale was provided by the nine part family anchoring and going ashore a discrete distance up wind of us.
Farther entertainment was then provided by the yacht ' Stargate' which proceeded to anchor between us and the nine piece family in an other wise deserted Pool of the Otter. After dropping their anchor over the top of ours they completed our viewing pleasure by one of the crew opening his flies and having a good slash over the stern in full view of the ladies on board boatie. Fortunately he was a rather poor specimine of his gender and they didn't really notice.

We decided to dine aboard and the captain baked a rather fine steak pie.

In the morning , after breakfast , the yacht ' Stargate' was hailed, which sounds very yottie but in fact a slightly raised voice was all that was required such was their cosy proximity to boatie, to inform them that we would like to depart and that they were over our anchor. Boaties captain was informed from 'Stargate' that they were not at all over our anchor and that we had too much chain out anyway. Boaties captain was in awe of such obvious clairvoyant seamanship since boatie had been at anchor for a couple of hours before the arrival of ' Stargate' so decided to haul anchor and depart in humility before such superior yotties- Boatie captain decided not to deploy fenders and instead use their trendy black rubber dinghy as a fender instead as we stroked by them to recover our anchor ( with ' too much fornicating chain out' according to the yottie guru voice from below) that was not indeed under their boat. It was ahead and to port of them.

Suitably educated in the fine art of anchoring, we set sail for home.

A nice, and unusual, run home in sunshine was enjoyed by all aboard - apart from the bit at Fladda where we learned that the Col Regs have been amended give absolute right of way to an erratically steered fishing boat randomly changing course as long as it has a ratty bit of old net dangling in front of his mast.

And the bit at the Dorus when the shackle holding the genoa swivel decided to break dumping the sail over the side.

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