Round the Island Race Forecast 29/6/12

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Round the Island Race Forecast 29/6/12

Postby weatherman » Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:32 am

Good morning,

The high resolution winds are now in and cover the period throughout the race. You can see them here ... 51&vislon=

I'm pleased that I decided to increase winds speeds last night. Indications are that the flow will be brisk around the Island area throughout Saturday.

Showers or outbreaks of rain through the early hours as a trough and shallow low track east of the Island. The trough is going to be bringing an area of heavy showers or rain with it, and the risk of some thunderstorms. There is uncertainty as to the location of the trough with high resolution models placing it in different locations. However, worst case is that the trough will be through the Island with heavy and thundery rain, bringing the risk of thunderstorms for the start of the race. This should clear through the morning to sunny spells and isolated showers.

Winds SW top-end F4/low-end F5 at first, then increasing F5-F6 as you stick your nose into the western Solent, but mid-top-end F6 around the Needles, and possibly even touching F7 along the coasts of western and southern parts of the IOW. Remaining SW top-end F6 in the afternoon and nearer F7 close to the coasts of the southern IOW, SW F6 to the east of the Island. Then WSW-W F5-F6 entering the eastern Solent.

Sea state probably moderate in the Solent and most likely moderate to rough to the west and south of the Island.

Hopefully that's useful information.

Best wishes,

Simon Keeling, PhD MSc, FRMetS
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