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Round the Island Race Forecast 27/6/12

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:16 am
by weatherman
Hi everyone,

It's nice to see so many days when the forecasts models are running consistently, both between each other and from run to run.

Today is no different with a SW flow through the Isle of Wight area being forecast again for Saturday.

Low pressure is expected to be elongated through Scotland and Ireland during the day, with an old occluded front tracking east overnight into Saturday. This brings some showers overnight, but I suspect most of them are going by Saturday morning, leaving a fair race. A bit of uncertainty this morning over how much cloud there will be around the island, but generally I'll go for a fair one with sunny spells.

Winds mainly SW F to bottom end F5 for the early starters, but fairly quickly into the top-end F4. Probably holding at a F4 through the morning and into the early afternoon, although again just nudging into the F5 close to the southern coasts of the Island due to compression effects of the coast. By the afternoon speeds will be well into a bottom end F4 and probably down to a F3 later in the east.

Visibility is expected to be good, although we always need to watch out in a southwest flow for the risk of mist or fog patches, not expecting these though.

Sea state is likely to be moderate, decreasing slight to moderate in the eats later. The flow overnight now easing a little quicker, hence the reason for decreasing this.

Video will be updated shortly at ... 51&vislon=

Hope that is useful.

Best wishes,