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Galapagos - Mojomo

Postby Nick » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:48 pm

Yes, we're nearly there right now. Arrived 11:30 local and have hung about
for a officla boat to come do paperwork, but nothing yet. I circled round
Attilla the Hungarian on his boat Tempest, and whom i met in LP - been here
3 days and he shouted that it's nice ashore.

Anna reckons it all feels quite "sciencey". Hm. Well, more sciencey that
Los Angeles. Yeah, okay. So far i have whacked a large bee but it just
flew off, drove over lots turtles (altho they all escaped), and threatened
some fish with my now-famously unattractive lures. She spotted some
creatures on the beach, and some hanging about in the sea just off the beach
too... which on closer inspection turned out to be Homo Surferis, closely
related to Neanderthals. A sealion came close but not yet up the sugar
scoops. There's a few dozen boats in the anchorage, half of them
daytrip-type boats, the rest all timidly bobbing about and none of them
answering on Ch72. A few WARC boats too. I think we're gonna go ahore and
try find a Giant Tortoiseburger, or perhaps a TLT.
- Nick 8)


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