Nationalise the RNLI?

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Postby magdar » Thu Jul 10, 2008 2:22 am

Julian wrote:
magdar wrote:Dont even think about state involvement in our lifeboats. The red tape would degrade and dilute the service.
Most mountain rescue is carried out by self funded volunteer organisations and Government funded SAR services are suffering from cuts. Rescue 177 based at Prestwick have three cabs but usually only one crew on station. The yougest of the three Seakings is now over 30 years old. I am told that service and training budgets have also been slashed.

I think this is a fair indication of what would become our lifeboats given Government involvment.


I do hope when your house has turned into the largest bbq in the UK you turn away the retained firemen as they are diluted and rubbish.

I hope disagreeing with the forum zeitgeist does not bar me from flying a bluemoment burgee, I know we are meant to agree on everything, sorry. :lol:

only back from holidays and read this.
I simply said, that I think, Government involvment in our Lifeboats, would degrade and dilute the service.

NO mention of any service being RUBBISH??

I only say this through personal experience in my local area.

BTW, if you are ever unfortunate enough to need any assistance at sea in the Larne area, you may find our boat crewed by more than one of the aforementioned firemen!

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Postby lady_stormrider » Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:44 pm

Is this the same jolly nice government who are being *forced* by the EU to *harmonise* fuel duty for motor boats?

I hope the RNLI have factored that into their budget. :x

I currently Gift Aid money through my payroll to the RNLI - I shall have to see about an increase for them, for them to claw the tax back.
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Postby Rowana » Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:38 am

Don't get me started about the EU.

I think my feelings on that bunch of tosspots is well known :!:

The sooner we get out of that &*^%$, the better


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