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No, not really

Postby Nick » Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:59 am

Dave, this isn't competing with SailRoom :?

There always has been a classifieds section on BlueMoment - well, for the last five years anyway. It was a bit mickey mouse, having been cobbled together from an old copy of OpenRealty. The new system is a big improvement and has PayPal charging built into it. It is however specifically about selling cruising yachts, nothing else, and is not an auction site, just a classifieds site.

So no, I don't see that it is in any way in competition with SailRoom.

I DO however think that SR has wandered a long way from the niche I had in mind for it. I intended it to become THE place on the web for sail cruising stuff, a niche market but potentially a very lucrative one. Instead it seems to have become a bit of a dumping ground for vaguely nautical job lots, all selling at fixed prices. It now includes camping and caravanning and team sports stuff as well FFS.

Personally I believe that this has discredited the site in the eyes of the market it was originally created for and that the 'pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap' approach is a long way from my original concept. I still believe that the only way to take the idea and make it sing is to throw a lot of money at it t0 raise brand awareness and move it upmarket. That is why I sold it - I could spend the time, but not the money.

I have been involved in the internet for 15 years now and have had a lot of good ideas in that time, many of which have been successfully taken to market by people with money to invest or with better business heads than mine. I have never been able to bring an idea into the mass market without money. 'If You Build It They Will Come' just doesn't work on the web - much like real life really. Unfortunately a lot of people believe that their site will be the exception - and I have built a few of these for people only to watch them sink without trace :(

Don't know if you wanted this much information Dave, but it might be a good opportunity for you to get some public feedback about the current state of the enterprise . . . at least we are not going to knock the thread on the head for blatant advertising :)
- Nick 8)


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