whit a bluidy night

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whit a bluidy night

Postby Bejasus » Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:39 am

Hi all, not been on for a while as been busy either in the US preparing the boat or out here faffing around in the North Sea. Currently haufway between Eburdeen and Esbjerg and rolling around like a drunk wi a bottle an a hauf o'wham's dram inside him. I hate the North Sea, all beam seas when crossing. The hale cabin's upside doon an am fair pished aff.

Anyhoo chaps, just wanted to say, that it was nice to meet up with quite a few of you in the Bon Accord before christmas and if we survive our transat this year, then perhaps we can do it again. :?
I think I have probably just about forgotten everyones names again by now, but the old altzheimers is definitely taking hold.

Now, where was I. Oh, yes someone mentioned that they would love to make the trip with us...........can't quite remember who.........anyway, there just might be a berth available for a fool, sorry, enterprising chap, if you have a month and a half free.

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