Manufacturer's Warranty on New Yacht

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Manufacturer's Warranty on New Yacht

Postby TeamMax » Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:51 am

I am planning to buy a new yacht from the local dealer in Asia (South China & Hong Kong) of an established "German" manufacturer. Can anyone advise should the contract with the local dealer, include a clause specifically on the warranty from the manufacturer for parts, materials and workmanship??
At present all I am provided is a clause on "Continuing Customer Care" from the local dealer. No mention is made at all about the manufacturer of the yacht etc.
On contacting the manufacturer, all I am advised by the manufacturer is that the local dealer will provide warranty service.
I assume this is so and trust that the local dealer will honour his role. But without any cover from the manufacturer, what happens when the local dealer "goes bust"?
I would like to seek advice if any reader has prior experience on this and what clauses are to be sought for in this contract.
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