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Random thoughts

Postby Bodach na mara » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:26 pm

about time, navigation and stuff. But first, it was nice to put a face to Geoff of this Parrish when he appeared on reporting Scotland this evening talking about the effect of the Scottish budget. I haven't a clue what he was saying as the sound was off but I saw his name on the tape thingy they put across the foot of the screen. And his occupation with a well-known company that coats metals. They did not note his services to yotties in arranging bulk purchases of antifouling or getting chains galvanised, but we know, Geoff and appreciate your good work.

Good news and bad news today. First the good; today is the date of earliest sunset! As the papers do not record the time to better than a minute and I have no idea whether they round properly to the nearest minute or simply chop off the seconds, the actual prediction will not show a later sunset for a few days yet but by the longest day, it is given as two minutes later than today. The bad news is that the latest sunrise is still at least 2 weeks away and the sun rose this morning and by that time it will be rising about 7 minutes later than today..

I have been noting the times that the sun actually manages to poke above the hills on the other side of the loch from our house for ten years (it is a real rave this retirement!) Not every day of course, only when there is a clear sky, which means not very often to be honest. But I have noticed that the times of sunrise this year are about 3 minutes later than in 2007, which got me thinking about navigation. Now I have read Dava Sobel's book "Longitude" about Harrison and the development of the chronometer and I now am awestruck at the ingenuity and persistence of navigators in those days, and the dedication it must have taken to compile the data in the almanacs.

So despite the snow, the afternoons at least are getting longer and lighter from today

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